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A site that's been around for years (and looks like it too), Music Master Pro was founded by recording artist Jay Dynasty, who allegedly has taught music for over 20 years. Between Jay and his partner Greg Evans, they try to teach guitar, drums, keyboard, violin, and bass guitar. By the time we had thoroughly reviewed Music Master Pro we were thoroughly impressed... for all the wrong reasons.

At first glance, Music Master Pro is a ambitious offering at a seemingly good price. If you purchase access to Music Master Pro, you get unlimited access to all their lessons for every instrument they teach, which includes the guitar, drums, keyboard, and the bass. This is a very cool idea, and one that rarely is ever done, and done right.

Unfortunately, we discovered this course has way too many problems for us to recommend it as a viable way to learn guitar. We are hoping that eventually Jay Dynasty and co. will someday decide to clean up the content and presentation on their site, so we can re-evaluate what currently stands to be a absolutely terrible excuse for a guitar course.


When we bought a copy of Music Master Pro to review, we were expecting a decent course, with some good solid learning material. We were very disappointed at what we received. Despite the hype you may have read about this product, this course is definitely not your answer to learning the guitar.

Consumer Warning: There are many sites on the internet that promote Music Master Pro, but it is usually because they have an advertising agreement with the company. We would be very suspicious of any review site that gives you a glowing report of Music Master Pro.

This might be a good time to share an interesting story that'll give you a little bit more insight into the dark side of internet advertising. Do you remember when about 4 years ago, an amazingly talented kid nicknamed Funtwo performed an absolutely smashing version of Pachbell's Canon on his electric guitar which made headlines and eventually garned over 70,000,000 views on YouTube? Well, it so happens that the video was ripped from Funtwo and the version most people see on the YouTube was actually uploaded by a rogue affiliate advertiser that put a link in his description that promoted scammy music education products claiming he used (similar to Music Master Pro on many levels) to learn how to play guitar and eventually, Pachbell's Canon. Lots of people were fooled by this, and inevitably bought the course, only to later discover that they were lied to and what they bought wasn't anything like they were promised. Make sure you don't make the same mistake when looking for products on the internet. Anyway... back to our review!

Let's start off with the members-only area of the website. Pasted all over are banner ads, ranging from 'Make 400 bucks an hour" to foreclosure database advertisements. The members area has more than its share of dead links, and I had one or two of the file downloads fail on me (one with a scary-looking Windows error message). On their site they say that they "upload new material and resources every week", but we eventually found out that's just bogus.

The guitar course consists of 17 short video lessons, and 4 .pdfs on music theory. They also have mp3 files that contain the identical audio as the video tutorials do, which we found to be completely useless, as you can't see anything that they talking about. Despite the movies being obviously amateur-made, they wouldn't been quite so bad if there wasn't a small TV screen in the background constantly playing soap operas... (We're not joking!) Frankly, the site and entire course is terribly unprofessional.

In addition, most of the resources and software aids they have available are all from 3rd parties, one or two of which you have to pay for, which is completely ludicrous.


Two thumbs down. Even though Music Master Pro has an email support option, we tried contact them several times and regrettably have yet to hear from them...

Ease of Use

No problems other than having to individually download all lesson material, which can be quite tedious.

All lessons material is compatible with either the PC or the Mac.


Music Master Pro has a 2-month refund policy, which is backed by their payment processor and not the company itself, so don't waste your time asking them for a refund because chances are you'll never hear back from them.


Even though Music Master Pro isn't the most expensive of guitar courses, it's not worth a quarter of what you pay. Having said that, after we reviewed their guitar course, we checked out some of the other courses they had on their site (e.g. their violin course), and they weren't quite as bad as the guitar course.


Unless Music Master Pro goes through a serious overhaul (which frankly means completely redoing the course), we've got to advise you to look elsewhere for a good guitar course. An exception to this might be if you wanted to learn a whole bunch of instruments at one time. In that case you may find Music Master Pro's conglomerated lesson deposit just wee bit helpful. Even then, the material you get is hardly worth paying for.

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Review Summary

Consumer Alert: Music Master Pro promises the moon on their sales pages, but is shortly revealed to be a scam that has nothing to offer their customers but a lighter wallet.

Beware of any websites that says good things about this course, because there's nothing here that even remotely resembles a proper guitar course.

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